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Proposal Notice of Intent

All College personnel must complete the following form when planning to apply for fellowships, contracts, grants, awards, or any funding from outside of the University of Dayton. If another researcher is planning to serve as the lead PI, you should still fill out this form. The Dean’s Office will route the relevant details to the Office of Contracts and Grants (Office for Research) or University Advancement, as appropriate. If you have any questions about an upcoming submission, or have any questions about this form, please email

Completion of this form allows staff from multiple offices to coordinate their efforts and provide you with the highest level of support. Completion of this form does not require that you ultimately submit a proposal. After submission of this form, you will receive a prompt follow-up email with supporting documents, templates, or related details.

Please complete this form

The following details are needed to support your proposal. Please put N/A in any boxes that do not apply. The Dean's Office will forward a copy of your responses to you, along with any follow-up information.


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