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Catholic and Marianist Education Resources

The College of Arts and Sciences provides many resources which communicate and reflect upon our Catholic and Marianist academic mission. Examples of past initiatives include:

The Annual Catholic and Marianist Education Lecture Series

Breezewood to Nazareth, an Oriental Muffin for Father Leo Meyer, and an Art Historian in Strange Country (pdf)
Dr. Roger J. Crum, Spring 2008

Dayton is a Place (pdf)
Dr. Una M. Cadegan, Spring 2007

Got Community? Liberalism, Catholicism, and the Search for Community in America (pdf)
Dr. Christopher M. Duncan, Spring 2006

Men & Women on a Mission: Catholic Education in the Marianist Tradition (pdf)
Rev. John A. McGrath, S.M., Spring 2005

University Professor of Faith and Culture: Selected Lectures

What Happened to the Laity? (doc)
David J. O'Brien, Annual Lecture, October 2011

A Fact, Not an Option: American Catholic Higher Education and Historical Responsibility (pdf)

David J. O'Brien, Inaugural Lecture, February 2010

Reports and Strategic Documents

Habits of Inquiry and Reflection: A Report on Education in the Catholic and Marianist Traditions at the University of Dayton (pdf)
Marianist Education Working Group Report, May 2006

What I Overheard in the Sesquicentennial Conversation (pdf)
Dr. Una M. Cadegan, Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry & Practice, Vol. 10, No. 1, September, 2006. Posted with permission.

University of Dayton Vision of Excellence (www)
Office of the Provost, September 2005

Dean's Addresses

Dean's Address to Faculty and Staff (pdf)
Dean Jason L. Pierce, September 16, 2016

A Shared Vision in a Transition Year (pdf)
Interim Dean Jason L. Pierce, August 29, 2014

How to think and how to choose (pdf)
Dean Paul H. Benson, August 30, 2013

Thinking, Slowly, About the College (pdf)
Dean Paul H. Benson, September 7, 2012

Writing the College's Story (doc)
Dean Paul H. Benson, September 9, 2011
View the accompanying slide presentation (pdf) >>

Humanities Symposium Address
The Humanities and What Matters (doc)

Dean Paul H. Benson, February 15, 2011

The College at 50 (docx)
Dean Paul H. Benson, August 2010

Academic Initiatives for Inclusion and Intercultural Engagement (doc)
Dean Paul H. Benson, August 2009

Attending to our Faculties (doc)
Dean Paul H. Benson, September 2008

Being the College (doc)
Dean Paul H. Benson, August 2007


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