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Outgoing COIs

Outgoing COIs

These COIs are submitted by UD to outside entites. 

In some instances, UD is required to provide evidence of their insurance coverage to outside entities that the University is working with.  This evidence is known as an “outgoing COI.” For COI requests, UD staff should complete and submit a electronic request form or download a hard copy and forward it to RMI. 

To assist RMI with accurately processing the COIs, please forward any contracts or agreements made between UD and the external entity to RMI.  Also ask the entity to provide any specific insurance requirements that should be reflected on the COI.  Mail this information to: RMI, Zip 1642.  

 Please use these links to assist you regarding Incoming COIs:

Request for COI Form (electronic)

Request for COI Form (hard copy)  


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