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Transfer Student Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities in the Transfer Process

To maximize your transfer credit application, you will need to take responsibility for planning your course of study.  This will need to be done as early as possible so you won’t lose any credit.  You are responsible for researching, seeking advising, and using the other resources available in order to develop a plan.  This should happen before enrollment for adults and before graduation for high school students. 

You should consider the following as a guide:

  • Actively seek program, degree, and transfer information; meet with an advisor from both the current institution and UD to take the courses that will apply to your major.
  • Be aware that remedial and developmental credits/courses will not transfer and apply toward any degree program.
  • Know exactly the credit that will be awarded and how it will apply to your program.  Become familiar with the official credit evaluation process at UD.
  • Understand the policies that may affect your transition to UD (e.g., your grade-point average earned at the previous institution(s) will not transfer to UD, but will be used to determine institutional and program admission requirements).
  • Know that delays in developing and following an appropriate transfer plan or changing the plan (e.g., changing your major or withdrawing from courses) will likely reduce your number of applicable credits.  It could potentially extend the length of time to complete the degree at UD.
  • Understand the requirements, policies, and procedures for transfer admission, course transfer, financial aid, scholarships, and housing at UD.
  • Meet deadlines, restrictions, and other criteria like the policies regarding deposits being required prior to enrollment and the dates when any refunds of those deposits are available.
  • Complete all materials required for the admission application and submit them on or before all deadlines.
  • Notify UD regarding whether you will accept or reject the admission offer as soon as you have heard from all the institutions to which you applied by no later than the deadline date set by UD.
  • Confirm your intent to enroll and submit your required deposit to UD.
  • Take care of all of the “to-do” list available in Porches once you reviewed your financial aid offering and made your deposit.