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Tuition Exchange

The University of Dayton is a member of the Tuition Exchange, a consortium of more than 640 private and public not-for-profit colleges and universities, representing 47 states, the District of Columbia, and several other countries that provide tuition assistance to dependents of individuals who work at participating schools.

Scholarships cover either full tuition, one-half tuition for a non-resident at a public institution, or a rate set by Tuition Exchange. They do not cover special fees, course overloads, or room and board. For 2020-2021, private institutions that charge more than $38,000 for tuition are permitted to award less than their full tuition, but not less than the set rate of $38,000.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is based on the seniority of the faculty/staff member. Seniority will be determined by first looking at the fiscal year of hire. Anyone hired in the same fiscal year will have the same seniority. If necessary to break ties within the same year, scholarships will be awarded by a lottery system. In determining seniority, years of service will be understood to mean years of continuous benefit-eligible service. Please visit the Tuition Exchange section in the Employee Handbook for additional information.

Are all students guaranteed a scholarship?

Tuition Exchange Scholarships are not guaranteed, nor is admission at member institutions. Since Tuition Exchange requests that each institution maintain a balance between dependents from the home institution and students coming from other institutions, it is likely that there will be a limited number of slots available. Since the University of Dayton may not be able to accommodate all requests, the Tuition Exchange Program should not be considered as a guaranteed award. 

How do I apply for Tuition Exchange for my dependent student?

1. Complete the application for Tuition Exchange and return to Human Resources no later than November 1, 2019.

2. If you are selected to participate in Tuition Exchange, the Tuition Exchange Liaison will submit your information to the colleges/universities that you have listed on the Tuition Exchange Application. 

3. Apply for admission to the host colleges/universities that you have listed on your Tuition Exchange Application paying close attention to their admission process and deadlines, as these often differ from regular admission deadlines.

4. The host institution will evaluate your student's application and notify you if they have selected your student by May 1. If you have not heard from a particular school or want additional information, you should contact that school directly.

5. If your student is awarded a Tuition Exchange Scholarship, notify the UD Tuition Exchange Liaison of your acceptance or refusal of the award as soon as you have made your decision.


Questions concerning the Tuition Exchange Program should be directed to the UD Tuition Exchange Liaison, Jenni Crotty, at (937) 229-4313. 

Questions concerning employee eligibility should be directed to Human Resources at (937) 229-2541. 

The Tuition Exchange Program is very competitive at the University of Dayton.  Since Tuition Exchange requests that each institution maintain a balance between dependents from the home institution and students coming from other institutions, there will only be a limited number of slots available.  Each year we receive more than 100 applications for approximately 10-12 offers.  There is no waiting list.  Grade point average, standardized test scores, and service to the community are all considered when making Tuition Exchange offers.  

Tuition Exchange Scholarships

Tuition Exchange Scholarships are available only to first year applicants and are awarded at the rate of $38,000 for the 2020-2021 academic year. Priority consideration will be given to those that apply by November 1stThese scholarships cannot be used in combination with any other scholarship or grant offered by the University of Dayton. Families are encouraged to complete the FAFSA for federal loan and federal grant eligibility by November 1st so that we can provide a complete overview of your financial aid awards. Tuition Exchange Scholarships cover four years or eight semesters of undergraduate education. Students must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing as defined in the Student Handbook.
Students will be notified no later than February 1st if they have been selected for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship. To accept or decline this offer, UD must be notified by May 1.


Questions regarding UD’s Tuition Exchange Program should be directed to the Tuition Exchange Liaison, Jenni Crotty, at (937) 229-4313 or 


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