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Renew Your Aid

File the FAFSA

Consideration for financial aid is based on an annual review of the family's financial situation. In order for us to determine your eligibility, you must complete either a new FAFSA or the renewal FAFSA each year. Find more details and other information on our FAFSA page.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Standards of satisfactory academic progress are established to encourage students to successfully complete courses for which financial aid is received and progress toward degree completion. The university will review your progress in May of each year to verify your eligibility for aid for the next academic year. If you are deficient in either the grade point average (GPA) or credit hour completion, you will be marked as "Insufficient Progress" and notified by the end of June. 

In order to regain your eligibility, you must improve your cumulative GPA and/or make up the deficient credit hours at your own expense. You may either attend the University of Dayton or another institution provided the credit hours can be transferred back toward your degree and that you do not receive any Federal Title IV Funds while attending that institution. 


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