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Enrollment Changes (Drop or Withdrawal) and Impact to Aid

Withdrawal from Classes

Federal Title IV funds are awarded under the assumption that a student will attend school based on a specific enrollment status (typically full-time) for the entire period for which financial assistance is awarded. Students receiving financial aid who drop, withdraw from, or stop attending classes may be required to return a portion of financial aid received.

For further information on complete withdrawal from the university:

Withdrawal from the University and Impact to Financial Aid Eligibility 

Drop of a Course

The impact of dropping courses depends on the following:

  • The type of aid you have been awarded
  • The number of credit hours that you continue to be enrolled in
  • The point in the term in which you drop the course and the tuition refund period in effect.

Federal Aid

Federal financial aid will not be adjusted if a course is dropped after the federal aid freeze date and student remains enrolled in some courses. The financial aid freeze date is based on the day of term and aligns with the university’s 100% tuition refund policy dates. After the 5th day of the term, any Federal Pell Grant funds will be considered as earned for the term. A student remains eligible for all other federal aid as originally disbursed.

Institutional Aid

If a student drops less than full-time, their institutional aid will be prorated based on the remaining billed credit hours.


If you are considering dropping a course or withdrawing from the university and have questions specific to the financial aid implications, please contact FSS or 937-229-4141.


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