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Donor Funded Scholarships

Donor Funded Scholarships

Donor funded scholarships are a key element of our nationally recognized tuition transparency plan. These scholarships are a portion of the $200 million awarded to students annually. The University of Dayton awards numerous scholarships each academic year to our students through the fundraising efforts of the University and the generosity of private donors. Scholarship award amounts vary and are awarded based on several factors including, but not limited to, demonstrated academic success, donor-stipulated criteria and financial need based on the FAFSA. 

Our Forever Flyer Grant is funded through university funds and endowments established by generous alumni and friends of the university. The Forever Flyer Grant is originally awarded to act as a "placeholder" until we are notified of the amounts we are able to award for each of the named scholarship funds. The Forever Flyer Grant may be adjusted when a student is selected to receive a specific donor funded scholarship.

To learn more about our Donor Impact or how to apply for consideration, follow the links below. Frequently Asked Questions about donor funded opportunities can be found here.

Students benefit every day by the generosity of our alumni and friends, who provide the possibility for our students not only to receive an excellent education, but also to experience life-changing opportunities at home and around the world.

Funding from our donors makes attending the University of Dayton a possibility. A student who grew up in the Dayton area aspired to attend the UD but anticipated financial struggles. Thanks to donor support for local students, a quality education in his hometown -- and the full UD experience -- is now possible thanks to the Schuerman Family Scholarship. Bill Schuerman, who set up the scholarship with his wife, Ann, knows that living on campus is important.

"The learning that takes place outside the classroom plays a major educational role as young people strive to establish independence and autonomy, develop emotional stability, clarify values, find intimacy, consider career choices and learn to live in communities that are often far different and more diverse than the ones they grew up in," Bill said.

This scholarship is just one example of funding that makes a UD education accessible and affordable.

1) Sign in to the AcademicWorks Portal

Sign In to AcademicWorks with your University of Dayton username and
password (This tool is not yet mobile friendly, so be sure to use your
desktop PC or laptop to complete your application).

2) Complete the General Application

After completion, verify that your application status shows as "submitted."

You are able to make edits or check on the status of your application by
logging back into the system at any time.

After you complete your general application, you're done!

3) Automatically Match with Eligible Opportunities

Completed applications are automatically matched with scholarship
opportunities for which you are eligible. You will only receive
notification if you are awarded a scholarship and the notification will be
sent to your university email address.

Most donor-funded scholarships are awarded in May/June after completion of
the spring academic term.

You will be notified to complete a new general application for each
academic year.