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heritage coffeehouse on campusIf you visit Heritage Coffeehouse on campus, thank 3-19 Coffee for supplying the coffee. And know that you are doing more than enjoying a cup of joe — you are helping small-scale farmers in underdeveloped countries thrive despite adversity.

“We’re a specialty coffee roasting company, but we’re set up as a social enterprise,” said Mike Vehar ’05. Specifically, Vehar, working with co-founders Mike Weaver ’05 and Chris Dollries, builds personal relationships with coffee farmers and supports local cooperative organizations who offer training and educational opportunities. This helps the farmers cultivate higher-quality coffee beans and earn more for their product.

“Our priority is to improve the quality of life of farming families and communities,” Vehar said. “If they can learn how to sell specialty coffee and grow the best crop, it’s a huge revenue swing. Farmers can see increases of almost double or triple the price per pound they can receive on the open market.”

Where did Vehar’s desire to serve these farmers take root? You can trace it back to his time at the University of Dayton — and his involvement in ETHOS.

“ETHOS absolutely fostered my desire to serve, helping me understand that many people in our world still live on less than $1 a day and hot water is a luxury,” Vehar said.

ETHOS, or Engineers in Technical, Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning, provides a semester-long experience where students use locally available technologies to improve life for residents in developing countries and U.S. communities in need. Through ETHOS, Vehar traveled to Bolivia and Guatemala, among other places, working on stove efficiency and other projects — and found that he gained more than he gave.

“The experience will change you forever for the better,” Vehar said.

This year, an anonymous donor recognized the ETHOS impact and responded in kind, establishing the first endowment in support of ETHOS. This gift will resonate, just like ETHOS, ensuring that every year students — who otherwise would have struggled to afford an ETHOS trip — can participate. A wider range of students will be privy to the experiences that fueled Vehar and others to embrace lives centered on service — thanks to donor support.


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