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Volunteer Impact Report

Finding your path back to UD

“You don’t have to take the biggest actions to have impact,” said Khristian Santiago ’16, an operations and supply management graduate currently residing in San Francisco.

Being engaged can be as simple as attending an alumni community event or giving a $10 donation.

However, for Khristian, engagement means more. It means the opportunity to embody the UD tradition of learn, lead and serve.


When UD re-examined its solicitation policy for class of 2015 and 2016 graduates for the first four years, Khristian and a small group of volunteers worked with the University to create a communications plan that would inform their peers of their chance to participate.

“We decided who the message would come from, helped draft the communications and recommended individuals to be featured in videos,” he said. “We found there was a great open rate on the email, and we really saw how our hard work drove impact. That was the most rewarding experience.”

It was through Khristian’s involvement with day10, UD’s young alumni executive committee, that he gained opportunities like this to influence, impact and give back to the University that gave him so much.

“I was very involved when I was a student, so I knew I wanted to stay involved in some way, shape or form after I graduated,” he said. “The immediate opportunity I found was with day10.”

Staying involved not only allows him to foster the good connections he made while at UD, but also create new ones with alumni nationwide.

“I got pretty close pretty quickly with some of the representatives and I get excited when the day10 committee gets together,” he said. “It is an opportunity to have a community feel, while not being on campus.”

And although, for Khristian, volunteering means taking on a formal role right now, he explains engagement can mean different things for him and others at different points in their lives. It can even mean being involved formally for a few years, leaving and then coming back.

Whatever your path may be and wherever you are geographically, Khristian reminds alumni that UD is always waiting to welcome you home.

You don’t have to take the biggest actions to have impact.

Khristian Santiago ’16


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