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Volunteer Impact Report

Stream of conscience.

Bob Hawley ’02, founder and principal scientist at Sustainable Streams LLC, knows that water will always find the lowest point. His story also shows that water can reveal one of our community’s common denominators — Flyers work and serve to improve their communities.

Bob Hawley ’02

“I have no desire to take over the world, but I do want to improve it. And I would rather spend more time with my family than growing my business exponentially,” said Bob. “So, if we (Sustainable Streams) want to move the needle in the stream, so to speak, we need to get our ideas out there. We do this by sharing what we learn through publications and presentations.”

This commitment to service through participation and leadership is something he learned early and often. It was instilled by his parents and reinforced when he attended UD.

“Oh man, I knew I wanted to go to UD from the first tour I took. The positive energy. Folks being nice to each other. It started positive and it has felt that way every day after that,” said Bob. “Here’s a good example: After participating in UDSAP, a group of my friends and I helped start the Sustainability Club. At the time, we thought we might face some resistance, but the administration and faculty all helped us out.”

Now he’s helping out current students, too. As a part of sharing his knowledge to improve water quality, Bob has presented his research at UD’s Sustainability Summit and has come to campus twice to talk to students in the River Stewards program.

“I gave a talk about sustainability as a profession — my focus was on stream restoration and storm water management,” said Bob. “The stewards were really curious about incorporating sustainability as part of their own career paths.”

Finding that right fit is a lot like finding the right way to give back.

“We certainly donate money to projects,” said Bob. “But often the biggest way we can help is by donating our time.”


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