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A Legacy of Blessings

After being on campus for a couple months his first year, Rowen Gray ’19 was sitting on a bench outside of Miriam Hall, contemplating his future. He had run into problems with his financial aid and was in danger of being faced with an unpalatable choice: Take on a great deal of student loan debt or leave the University of Dayton.

“I was sitting on that bench, looking around at my surroundings, and just feeling really thankful for this place — but also thinking about how sad I was going to be if I had to leave,” he said.

Rowen Gray '19

Fortunately, scholarship support came through and he was able to immerse himself in our campus community without the worry of massive debt. He has excelled academically and been involved in numerous campus organizations, including the Student Government Association, Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation, Entrepreneurship Club and Core Program.

“To say UD has changed my life is an understatement,” Gray said. “It’s formed me as a person and is something I truly value every day.”

Often, donors hear of these stories and feel proud that they have provided such formative opportunities for students. In this case, H. Troy and Eileen Sears, the donors who helped pave the way for Gray’s experience at UD, will never personally witness the good fortune brought forth by their generosity. Their scholarship was established with a bequest.

This act of pure selflessness is as commonplace as it is transformative at the University of Dayton. Over the last five years, the University has been blessed with 173 realized bequests, providing more than $19 million of support. Last year alone was record-setting, with over $6 million in realized bequests.

This massive and consistent outpouring of generosity — that looks for no reward — demonstrates how special our family of donors is. And it has had an indelible impact on countless students like Gray. “That appreciation I had for the University while I sat on that bench has never left,” he said. “I think about all of the other things that could have happened, and I’m so grateful for their generosity. Just being on this campus is a blessing.”


realized bequests over the past five years provided more than $19 million of support.


individuals decided to document their bequest intentions with UD last fiscal year.


in realized bequests supported University students and programs last fiscal year.

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