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Rays of Hope and Justice

Opening Paths to Lives of Service

Since 1844, the Sisters of the Precious Blood have served those in need in the United States, engaging in numerous types of ministry, including education, pastoral ministry, home and foreign missions, domestic services and hospital chaplaincy. Through such work, this Roman Catholic community of consecrated women has positively impacted countless individuals and communities.

Lindsey Bronder ’20

Based in Dayton for almost a century, the Sisters have a storied history with the University of Dayton, with many of the Sisters acquiring UD degrees and serving as faculty members. In addition, the Sisters have provided long-standing financial support for the Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity (ECHO) program, which aids Dayton-area Catholic school teachers and administrators in helping children overcome obstacles to learning — such as poverty, exposure to addiction, violence, discrimination, separation or physical and sexual abuse.

Now, through the Sisters of the Precious Blood Scholarship, a fund established with a gift made in the Sisters’ honor, their impact at the University of Dayton continues — and provides an avenue for the next generation of servant leaders to engage in their own ministry.

The scholarship supports students majoring in subjects dear to the Sisters, namely teacher education, music, and pastoral ministry or religious studies. The first recipient, Lindsey Bronder ’20, has aspirations to teach theology and history in high school — and a calling to minister to the disenfranchised through her work. “I’m hoping to work with those who the system tends to overlook, whether it’s inner city or minority kids,” Bronder said. She hopes to better prepare these students for college and is looking at unique ways to engage them, including creating her own graphic novel to teach religious themes.

Thanks to the Sisters of the Precious Blood’s continual involvement with the University of Dayton, students like Bronder can follow their lead — ministering to those in need and making a true difference in the lives of others.

Rays of Hope and Justice

Gifts from the Marianist Province of the United States and in honor of the Sisters of the Precious Blood delivered transformative support to University programs and scholarships.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Servant Leaders

Julianne Evans ’19 was greatly inspired by her Leadership in Building Communities class.

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Annual Giving

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