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Nurturing talent is inherent in everything we do at UD, so it is no surprise that our successful Alumni Mentoring Program was developed by a graduate student working with Career Services.

Two People Mentoring
Two People Mentoring

Established in 2012, the mentoring program connects current students and recent graduates with established alumni for guidance in professional development. The program started with 50 participants, and it’s taken off from there. In 2017, nearly 400 alumni and students participated in the program.

Part of the success is due to the collaborative nature of the program, which is supported by Career Services and Alumni Relations. The two teams work together to bring students and mentors together through a thoughtful process that matches mentors and mentees based on a host of factors. Then it comes down to the heart of the matter: Flyers helping Flyers.

“I am in the beginning stages of my job search, so my mentor and I discussed networking and job interviewing,” said Lauren Leslie ’18. “Emily gave me really great advice as to certain things to look out for, what to expect, and steps I should take. Her perspective has helped me feel more at ease about navigating my job search.”

As much as the students and young alumni have learned, mentors are finding the program illuminating, too.

“I believe I have gained a better view of the world from a college student’s perspective,” said Ginny Boeckman ’82. “This experience has given me the opportunity to see first-hand all of the great things this University has to offer students — the commitment to programs like this is what makes UD special!”

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