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Our UD is...

Our Shared Vision

Dear alumni, parents, and friends,

Through interactions with you and other Flyer faithful during the last 18 months, my family and I have come to understand the spirit that sustains this unique and inspiring campus community. So many people, across all ages, backgrounds, and cultures — encompassing alumni and non-alumni — have had life-changing personal experiences in connection with the University of Dayton. Each of you can say, with strong conviction, “This is MY UD.”

The University’s spirit stands on the strength of this diversity, but thrives on all of us coming together in common purpose. We stand united, striving to make a difference in the world and aiming to deliver on a promise to become “The University for the Common Good.” Our individual experiences become more meaningful in this common cause, binding us in solidarity as we proudly say, “This is OUR UD.”

This report illustrates what our UD is — and all that you, our dynamic and devoted community, have done to foster this spirit and identity. Thank you for fueling our shared vision for the University and enabling us to work toward a future of even greater growth and impact.

Eric F. Spina, President

Students on campus in front of the chapel


Annual Giving

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