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Student Philanthropy Council Structure and Positions

SPC Structure and Positions

Organizational Overview

Mission Statement

To establish a campuswide philanthropic expectation through education and engagement opportunities, requests for financial contributions and stewardship of the student body in order to inspire a lifetime of giving and loyalty to the University of Dayton.


Create a University that fosters a sense of community and instills in its students a lifetime of giving and loyalty to their alma mater. SPC helps to establish a campuswide culture of philanthropy by educating students on what it means to act philanthropically in a University setting and engaging the campus community in programs and activities that inspire a positive giving culture.

SPC Structure

 SPC Org Structure

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Marketing and Outreach Chair
    • Marketing and Outreach Committee
  • Special Events Chair
    • Special Events Committee

Position Responsibilities

The president of SPC is the principal executive officer, presiding over all meetings of the organization, which includes creating the agenda for meetings and sending all meeting notes to the organization’s members. The president will call special meetings of SPC when required and will keep a record of attendance of all members at both meetings and events. It is the duty of the president to maintain an up-to-date organization roster and develop the annual event calendar as well as to supervise all engagement opportunities available to members. The president is responsible for representing SPC at University functions. The president will partner with the vice president of SPC to ensure committees are functioning properly.

The vice president of SPC will communicate with all committee chairs as well as the president to make sure all parties are aware of any organizational happenings. The VP will also provide support to the president when it comes to making decisions, scheduling meetings and determining the schedule for any SPC functions. Along with the SPC president and organization advisor, the VP of SPC will help plan member training. If the president of SPC is no longer able to complete his or her duties or is absent for any reason, the VP will act in the role of president.

The marketing and outreach chair is responsible for maintaining all SPC social media accounts. The chair will also be responsible for creating and approving all marketing initiatives for SPC, including those for SPC-supported events. The marketing and outreach chair will also develop strategies for donor stewardship and SPC member recruitment.

The special events chair will engage undergraduate students at the University through philanthropic activities including but not limited to PhilanthRudy Week; One Day, One Dayton, etc. The chair will collaborate with the marketing and outreach chair to develop a strategy for the recruitment of SPC members, including any involvement with Up the Orgs as well as any additional on-campus recruitment efforts.

All members of SPC will make a gift of any size to an area of the University about which they are passionate and will ask their peers to do the same. Each member of SPC will also act as a social media ambassador for SPC and the University Advancement team, sharing information about happenings in University Advancement or with SPC on-campus. SPC members must volunteer at a minimum of two events per semester, including but not limited to Up the Orgs; any PhilanthRudy Week activities; any One Day, One Dayton events; etc. All members of SPC must either lead or join one committee within the Council.

Director, Annual Giving & New Donor Initiatives

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Student Philanthropy & Young Alumni Giving

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