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Unlimited Potential

We have more than 600 named scholarships that bring the full UD experience within reach to outstanding students from around the world. To celebrate the generosity of our donors, here are five scholarships that highlight the impact of philanthropy on the lives of our students.


The Bernhard M. Schmidt Electrical Engineering Endowed Scholarship assists electrical engineering students, both graduate and undergraduate. Schmidt had an exceptional career at UD and was known for his leadership in the School of Engineering, and in specific, the Department of Electrical Engineering. He taught 52 years at the University, instilling in his students the passion to learn for the sake of learning. He was a 1942 graduate of the University of Dayton.

The Isabel H. Middlebrook Endowed Scholarship assists students who are studying in the School of Education and Health Sciences. Middlebrook’s daughter, Jewelyn Dicello, a 1963 graduate of UD, established this scholarship to honor her mother. Jewelyn, a retired school principal, is a member of the John Stuart Society and the Leo Meyer Society. She entered UD with $50 to put toward her education and made weekly payments toward her tuition and room and board as she received paychecks from her jobs. An outstanding athlete, Jewelyn played basketball, volleyball, field hockey, softball and bowling at UD, and is a member of the University’s Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Dan Haubert Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 by the family and friends of Dan Haubert who was a 2006 graduate of UD and who tragically passed away in 2009. The scholarship serves to recognize the impact Haubert had on both the University and on all who knew him. Preference is given to students who are majoring in either entrepreneurship or finance, and have a commitment to the professional fields of entrepreneurship and/or finance. Haubert earned a Bachelor of Science in finance at UD and was a member of the Davis Center for Portfolio Management.

The George J. Koenig Jr. UD Band Alumni Endowed Scholarship assists students who are studying in the undergraduate program of music education. Preference is to be given to students who are members of the UD Marching Band. Koenig was a 1973 music education graduate of UD and was active in the marching band. After his death in August of 2003, his family and friends established this scholarship in his memory.

The Michael J. Doyle Memorial Scholarship assists Catholic students who are pursuing a degree in accounting at the University of Dayton. Scholarships are awarded to a junior, senior or a "fifth-year" student preparing for a CPA license who demonstrates a high degree of competency in academics and has financial need. Doyle was a 1980 graduate of the University of Dayton who tragically lost his life in 1988 on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The scholarship fund was established in 1989 by Doyle's friends and family to honor his memory. Doyle’s memory lives on as those friends and family host a golf outing every other year to add to the scholarship to be able to support more students.

Donor-funded scholarships aid so many students in reaching their academic and professional goals. I am incredibly thankful that I have been selected for such an award. I will be sure to continue my education with a great respect for donors who have helped make my education possible.

Derek Rempe

senior, music education

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