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Danielle Villhard ’20

Danielle Villhard ’20 creates a better tomorrow using the gifts of today

Without the support of donors, my experience at UD would have lacked many amazing experiences – from Campus Ministry retreats, to a summer spent creating art on campus, to studying abroad in Italy.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to give back to the University by designing a Christmas ornament. I was excited about designing something that people would hang on their Christmas trees because decorating the Christmas tree is my family’s favorite tradition. My mom collects ornaments from her travels, and she asks for a UD ornament each year. This year, I'm excited to give her this one!

Sunrises on campus are incredible, so I wanted to capture the moment so many of us experience when we see a sunrise, especially over a beloved spot like the Chapel. Even after the weather turns cold, the Chapel still looks beautiful; this inspired me to capture the serenity of campus in the snow.

When I first visited UD, the community was what drew me in: parking services attendants who greet you with a smile; faculty who stay after class to offer extra help; and students who wave to each other between porches. I have found a second home here. I hope the ornament can be a little reminder of this place that so many people, including myself, love and support.

Because of the generosity of donors, students like me continue to benefit from innovative approaches to learning that goes beyond a textbook, lecture or exam, guided by faculty who, themselves, never stop learning. Even my small financial contributions to departments who have positively impacted my time at UD will help these programs continue to offer incredible opportunities, resources and community for future students.

Danielle Villhard ’20

My studies at UD have allowed me to study across disciplines and make connections between fields that interest me so that I can forge my own unique path. Our professors encourage us to take what we’ve learned and apply it to our careers and, most importantly, for the good of others.

I’ve been able to do that with this ornament. I graduate in May and will be sad to leave this community that has given me so much. But I feel confident that the education I’ve had at UD has prepared me well for graduate school and for the future. Every year I’ll hang up this ornament as a reminder of my second home and as inspiration for all the good that will come in the years ahead.

Make a difference at UD!

Bring more students like Danielle to the UD family. Receive an ornament designed by UD senior Danielle Villhard when you make a gift of $50 or more by Dec. 18, 2019. Available while supplies last.

I hope the ornament can be a little reminder of this place that so many people, including myself, love and support.

Danielle Villhard ’20


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