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Scholarship Highlights

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Donors like you make these stories possible and continue the rise of our community as a positive force for progress and the common good in our society.


  • An Inspiration
  • Finding and Funding Your Passion
  • Family First
  • Morgan Cox ’21

    Morgan Cox ’21 began attending the University of Dayton Summer Appalachia Program when her mom signed her up at the age of 9. No one had ever gone from UDSAP participant to UD graduate until Morgan made it happen, and it was a trail she was thrilled to blaze.

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    Alexandria Bennett ’21

    “I came into UD as an engineering major, and I was really excited about it,” said Bennett. “I did a STEM camp at UD a few weeks before moving onto campus, and I got to meet a lot of multicultural STEM majors. I was so glad I had this community already.”

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    Vanessa Valadez ’20

    Vanessa Valadez ’20 remembers how hard her parents worked during her childhood. “They would always work on the weekends and try to find little jobs here and there, just for extra money.”

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    People like you help students create memories that will stick with them for the rest of their lives as well as better educate themselves and help improve their future.

    Nicholas Ravasio

    senior, accounting


    Director, Donor Relations

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    Assistant Director, Donor Relations

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    Senior Donor Relations and Stewardship Writer

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