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Stock Transfers

Get Instructions on How to Complete a Transfer of Stock or other Securities to UD

Thank you for making a gift of stock to the University of Dayton! Could you please fill out the information below about your intended gift? We are asking for this information because some companies send stock to us without your name or other information. We want to make sure that we are correctly crediting your gift and using it in the way that you intend and having this information will help ensure that. Our stock transfer information will follow on the next page.

NOTE: You will see detailed instructions about next steps for making your gift on the next page after completing this form and clicking submit.

Donor Information

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Gift Details

What do you want your gift to support?

Search our fund designation listing here.

We will follow up with you when we receive the shares to confirm that the gift is yours. Please reach out to us if you have any questions in the meantime.