The Connor Family

As longtime University of Dayton supporters, Larry Connor and his family certainly carry a passion for Flyers basketball — especially the youngest Connor, Colin.

Colin went to his first Flyers game about 15 years ago and has been an avid fan ever since — even landing a job in the athletic department’s equipment room. Flyers players and coaches know him well and have taken him in as one of their own, gaining much from his contagious spirit and support.

“Colin found something he really could become connected to,” Larry Connor said. “It’s like another family for him. It’s been unbelievable how everybody on campus has really embraced him, and obviously as a family that means a lot to us.”

However, Connor emphasized that his family’s love for Flyers basketball and its place in Colin’s life were not the driving forces behind his lead role in the Arena renovation. “It’s bigger than that — it’s bigger than Colin; it’s bigger than me; it’s bigger than our family. It’s about what you can do for the community.”

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