From Dayton-area teachers to an entertainment-industry titan, diverse support and collective passion for UD made all the difference this past year. Enjoy these highlights from the 2017 impact report and check out the full edition — This is our UD.

Our UD is:

Life-changing for generation after generation.
Learn why a UD alumnus and entertainment-industry titan established the $1 million Pay It Forward Scholarship to recruit underrepresented students to UD.

Connected to the city of Dayton.
Did you know that the UD Arena contributes $10 million every year to the local economy — with the First Four accounting for $4.5 million?

Inventive — breaking ground and glass ceilings.
Female students at UD are turning the tide in pursuit of STEM degrees in predominantly male fields of study and practice.

Devoted to future students.
A pair of Dayton-area teachers channeled their lifelong commitment to education into a lasting legacy at UD through an $840,000 scholarship for language, math and science majors.

Transformative for people as well as programs.
Thanks to a gift from two 1971 grads, students can use state-of-the-art equipment to study the intricacies of the human body, such as how blood vessels respond to stress and affect muscular performance.

Distinctive — delivering a one-of-a-kind education.
UD’s experiential learning program — supported by gifts from nearly 350 alumni and friends — funded an award-winning research project to supply nonelectric refrigeration for medications and vaccines in areas without reliable electricity.

Impactful — working together for a common purpose.
The class of 2017, the first to experience all four years with the University’s fixed net-price tuition plan, realized an eight percent increase in its graduation rate and borrowed 22 percent less in student loans.

Other Facts and Figures:

$162 million = amount of University scholarships and grants awarded this year
15.8% = percentage of students who received $4,885,350 in donor-funded scholarship awards this year