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Giving Tuesday

When I was asked to give back by designing a UD Christmas ornament, I was scared … I wanted to create something that people will truly like.

Katie Klein ’19

Why the UD Light Shines for Katie Klein ’19

As a senior, I get it. I’ve learned that a lot of my friends wouldn’t be at the University if they hadn’t received a scholarship. That’s when I first thought about giving back to the University.

When I was asked to give back by designing a UD Christmas ornament, I was scared. Creating a design is putting something out there that you did — and it’s out there for the whole world to judge. I wanted to design something more than an ornament that would get approved. I wanted to create something that people will truly like.

University of Dayton Ornament 2018

As a designer and a creative person, there is always stuff I’d like to tweak on projects, but I’ve learned a lot of practical experience working with Marketing and Communications on campus. One thing is definitely that there are deadlines! ☺

My job with marketing has been a huge step forward for my career plans, and I’m thankful that the University provides so many hands-on opportunities to gain serious experience.

Of course, I’m also grateful for our community as a whole — especially during this time of year. Christmas is definitely a special time for the University of Dayton. I’ve participated with Christmas on Campus every chance I’ve had, and it’s amazing. Having all those children come onto campus for a holiday-themed day — I don’t know any other school that does anything remotely similar. I don’t know of any other school with a community like UD.

That extends to you, too. I recently learned that there are Christmas off Campus events across the nation. I have always heard we have a strong, tight-knit group of alumni and supporters, but this is an example of it in action. We look out for each other. I’ve also learned that we have to look out for UD’s future as well.

I didn’t think about giving back to the University directly my first few years at UD, but now that I’m getting closer to being an alum myself, I notice that a lot of my friends wouldn’t be here without getting a scholarship. I received a scholarship, too, and I believe that what comes around goes around. Alumni and friends supported me coming to UD, and I will definitely want to help future students experience UD, too. There’s just nothing like it.

Get the UD Christmas ornament

Make a gift of $50 or more and receive an ornament designed by Katie. Ornaments will be mailed after Christmas for any gifts received after Dec. 18.


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