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Applicant FAQs

Current faculty, staff and students of the University of Dayton who are involved in a specific department, unit or club/organization are welcome to participate in Flyer Funder. Potential crowdfunding ideas include fundraising for innovative projects, service trips, events, research and other UD-specific ventures. Projects must directly support the University and cannot support a third party or external charity.

Funds cannot pass through to other charities or be redirected to a third-party such as Global Brigades, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, etc. If you have questions on project eligibility, contact us at

  • A passionate team: An active team of at least three (3) project team members is needed to run the many aspects of the campaign. Daily work is required over this 10-12 week period.
  • A large crowd of supporters: The project team must be willing to personally reach out to family, friends and colleagues for support. It is recommended that each project advocate has at least 100 relevant personal email solicitation targets. Generally, a group can expect to raise about $4 per email address that is solicited.
  • A project that is inspired by our call to Learn. Lead. Serve: A project that connects with the mission of the University of Dayton and is supported by project advocates who are 100% invested in the cause are essential for a successful campaign.
  • Planning partners from UD: We're to help every step of the way. When projects are approved to be featured on Flyer Funder, our Office of Annual Giving provides training and guidance throughout every step of the campaign.

View examples of Flyer Funder campaigns.

Crowdfunding may seem like a quick and easy way to raise large sums of money, but successful projects require a great deal of time (10-12 weeks) and intense work (planning, soliciting donations from family/friends, writing copy, producing videos, creating social media content, thanking donors) from a core team of at least three (3) individuals who are passionate about the project, are willing to take ownership of the project and have a large network of potential supporters to engage. The more a team puts into its project, the stronger the outcome.

All you need is a great idea, passion for realizing your idea, a strong network of team members and advocates, and a communication plan!

Successful projects require a team of active faculty, staff and/or students who are willing to email their personal network to ask for support through word and video, as well as share their project on social media. UD will not provide any contact data on alumni, parents, friends or students. It is up to the project team to contact their own personal networks.

Once you're ready, submit your online application!

Flyer Funder recommends setting a fundraising goal between $500 and $10,000. Requested dollar amounts above $10,000 will require consultation and approval.

There are several things to consider when setting your fundraising goal:
What costs are associated with the project? Will you be able to fulfill part of your goal or do you need to raise the full amount in order to be successful?

It's important to note that the average project raises $3,800 or less over the 30-day fundraising period.

All Flyer Funder project applications will be reviewed by a combination of University Advancement staff and other campus partners:

  • Faculty/staff projects are to be reviewed by the provost and the vice president of University Advancement.
  • Student projects will be reviewed by the crowdfunding committee, composed of staff from University Advancement, Student Development and Students for University Advancement members.

Endorsement by the appropriate dean or VP, or the executive director of the Center for Student Involvement is required for project teams to participate in Flyer Funder. Flyer Funder staff will confirm this with the person you select on your application for endorsement of each project. View the endorsement form.

Once your project is endorsed for crowdfunding, your project team leader will be required to sign the Crowdfunding Agreement, agreeing to all Flyer Funder policies and procedures as lined out by the Office of Annual Giving.

Yes, all funds will go directly to the group's account. No fees or transaction costs are removed from the donation amount.

The group keeps all funds raised, regardless of whether they meet their goal or not. This includes exceeding the fundraising goal.

Funds will only be deposited in UD approved accounts through the university business office. Flyer Funder staff will work with project team leaders and department administrators to determine appropriate accounts and ensure a university disbursement authority is in place.

Flyer Funder is the only approved crowdfunding platform for philanthropic giving to UD. Please email with any questions.

The UD Office of Annual Giving manages Flyer Funder.


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