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Student Application

Flyer Funder Student Application

Flyer Funder is the official crowdfunding platform of the University of Dayton.

This application will be used to evaluate your project's suitability for crowdfunding with Flyer Funder. Be specific in your answers and provide as much information as possible. Current students seeking funds for specific University projects are eligible to use Flyer Funder pending application review and project approval by the Crowdfunding Committee.

Projects must directly support the University and cannot support a third party or external charity. If you have questions on project eligibility, contact us at

All fields are required.

Endorser MUST be either a Dean, VP or the Exec. Dir. Student Involvement. Advisers cannot be submitted as an endorser. The Dean or VP must be aware of the project and approve in order for the project to be considered.

All applications will be verified with the endorser before consideration by the Crowdfunding Committee.

(Requested dollar amounts above $10,000 will require additional conversation.)

** Funds will be available the month after project closing.

Anticipated dates of using the funds:


Annual Giving

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7054