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Giving Day Stories

Stories featuring One Day, One Dayton

One day, infinite impact.

On April 14, junior Drew Moyer, special events chair for Students for University Advancement and incoming president of Student Government Association, could be seen all over campus.

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President 04.06.21

Talk about Flyer love! Some University of Dayton students are using their mini-spring break day on April 14 to fly #1Day1Dayton porch sheets, run a personal 5K, and tweet their love for their school.

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Giving 03.31.21

Growing up in Chicago, Luis Rogel ’21 marveled at the towering buildings in the city. “It always amazed me that these buildings could be so tall and not fall over,” he said. This childhood curiosity and his aptitude for math and science led him to pursue a career in engineering.

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Libraries 03.15.21

A student approached an SGA senator about getting dry-erase boards installed in more library study rooms. Daniel Hennessey wrote up the proposal, and thanks to a grant from SGA and matching funds from the donor-supported Dean’s Fund for Excellence, the new boards are now installed.

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Giving 03.08.21

If you strolled across campus today, you would likely do a double take when approaching Stuart Field. Per usual, students might be competing on the field — but in an ice rink.

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Giving 02.03.21

Vanessa Valadez ’20 remembers how hard her parents worked during her childhood. “They would always work on the weekends and try to find little jobs here and there, just for extra money.”

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Giving 01.12.21

Looking around campus, you would struggle to find a harder working first-year student than Odyssey Oehme. This semester she is taking 19 credit hours, while working two part-time jobs: 15 hours a week as a desk assistant on campus and 17 hours on the weekends as a dietary aid at a local nursing home. Supporting herself while in school is a necessity, but nevertheless a daunting task — especially when large expenses hit.

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The Flyer community demonstrated once again how it comes together to support those with the greatest need during a recent day of sharing and caring.

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University of Dayton alumni and friends are ready to double down for giving day 2020, to be held April 2.

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Giving 09.23.20

On June 30, the University of Dayton completed one of the most challenging years in its 170-year history — facing a global pandemic and turbulent economy that fueled uncertainty in everything we do including University Advancement.

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Giving 04.30.20

When talking about giving back, Debra Plousha-Moore ’89 points to the Gospel of Luke. Specifically, Luke 12:48: “Where much has been given, much is expected.”

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Business 03.11.20

Thanks to One Day, One Dayton gifts to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence, the School of Business Administration Expands and Improves their Undergraduate Advising Center.  

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Giving 02.10.20

When you see the light of God, you have to reflect the shine. Melody Conrad, a communication major with a minor in religious studies, is a walking beacon of God’s love at the University of Dayton.

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Experiential Learning 04.01.20

Leib Lurie, CEO of Kids Read Now, funds IACT summer program that offers students expanded hands-on learning. 

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Research 01.27.20

University of Dayton junior Katie Gross was struck by an experience she had at an exhibit that featured stories from Dayton community members, along with their portraits. Influenced by not only their words, but also their images, she wondered if science could prove the impact of photographs on human perception. Working with a faculty mentor, she developed a study to determine whether including a photo with a narrative influences the way people see another person and process their story.

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“Today is #1Day1Dayton, where I realized the opportunities I have had are the result of those before me.” —junior sport management major Alex Reilly

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Giving 05.08.19

As a Flyer family, giving day gave us another chance to show our pride and support UD, to participate in the community we know and love.

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Service 12.04.18

I am proud to say generous donations are the reason UDSAP is 52-years-old and counting.

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Students and Campus Life 07.24.19

Julia Scanlon ’21 came to UD with a passion for serving others and a knack for solving problems.

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Giving 01.02.20

People respond to tragedies in different ways. Josh Biris, a senior in mechanical engineering, set a shining example.

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Giving 04.04.19

Would you be where you are now without your University of Dayton experience? Emily Kaylor '13 knows she wouldn't. That's why she gives back to the University in ways she can, and Emily wants other young alumni to join her.

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Libraries 03.22.19

Library faculty, staff share why they give and invite others to join them.

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President 02.19.19

As I take in the breathtaking beauty of the sun peeking over the chapel as I walk to my office, I sometimes pause and imagine what could be. I envision a future where every talented student who desires a University of Dayton degree can pursue it — without worrying about debt. I have faith that will happen.  

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