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Applying for Funding

Getting Started

The Corporate and Foundation Relations office should be consulted prior to any outreach to corporate and private foundation sources.

Brief overview of steps involved:

  • Contact your dean's office to ensure all unit-specific requirements have been met. 
  • Ensure that the CFR office is appropriate for your proposal by reviewing the Contracts and Grants Comparison page. 
  • Review the information and resources included in this Applying for Funding section to familiarize yourself with guidelines, processes and common questions.
  • Complete the CFR Request Form and submit to the CFR office. Feel free to contact us with questions. 
  • We will contact you for next steps in two to six weeks.

If you have prior relationships with corporations or private foundations, contact our office to discuss how we can best leverage those relationships together to maximize opportunities.

Guidelines and Processes

Review the following guidelines and processes to get acquainted with how we work together to seek funding from corporations and private foundations. 

The following guidelines apply, unless under special circumstances:
(Refer to the CFR Guidelines Flowchart)

Funding $20,000 and below
  • CFR staff screen funding sources,
  • CFR can review proposals as prepared by fund seekers to provide suggestions from the funder's perspective,
  • Fund seekers submit proposals following funder guidelines,
  • Fund recipients prepare and submit stewardship reports after approval by CFR staff.
Funding requests of $21,000 and above
  • CFR staff can initiate funding sources,
  • CFR staff screen funding sources and edit and review proposals prepared by fund seekers, providing suggestions from a funder’s perspective,
  • CFR staff submit proposals following funder guidelines,
  • Fund recipients prepare and submit stewardship reports in conjunction with CFR staff.
Funding Request to Strategic Partners
  • CFR maintains a list of strategic funders of which all fund seeking activity is conceived and managed by University leadership and CFR staff. To receive this list, please email Renee Kemp at

For all levels, CFR staff will support the entire process through advisement, formal funder communication, managing requirements, providing University documentation and signatures, and proofing and editing from a funder’s perspective.

Foundation Process

If you are intending to pursue private foundation funds, please review the Process Documents and supporting documents prior to moving forward. It may also be helpful to review CFR’s General Information About Foundations document to understand the way foundations typically work and what aspects come into consideration when seeking funding from them.

Please Note

In all circumstances, the grant seeker must be committed in time and effort to compiling and preparing necessary program/project information for a proposal. These may include program history, project details, targeted population, timelines, short and long term goals, measurable objectives, impact expected, detailed budgets, etc.

Helpful Resources

Writing Resources

You may refer to the Pre-Proposal Worksheet for a general list of questions to answer in a strong proposal.

Reach out to the CFR team for resources and samples of letters of intent, proposals, budgets, reports, acknowledgement letters, etc. The CFR team can provide writing editing, proofing, and advisement from a funders' perspective. Many samples are available online.

Funding Research Resources

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can provide faculty with assistance identifying and approaching potential foundation funders. To begin the process, submit the CFR Request Form so preliminary research into fundability and potential funders can be performed. CFR will respond within two to six weeks, depending on university priority and current prospect research volume. The links below can assist you in performing independent, preliminary research. CFR can advise you on strategies for approaching foundations and corporations and assist in the proposal development process.

Foundation Directory
Foundation Directory Online (FDO) provides comprehensive information on U.S. grant makers and their funding activities. Users can perform preliminary grant seeker research independently. The CFR office can provide a more in-depth research and analysis from this database through the populated Pre-Proposal Worksheet

Philanthropy News Digest (PND) 
PND publishes Request for Proposals (RFP) listings daily. Each RFP listing provides a brief overview of a current funding opportunity offered by a foundation or other grant making organization. You can search listings by subject (see “Browse by Subject” option on upper left side of RFP page). You can create a profile on PND (free) to receive emails with RFPs based on your subject interest.

Guidestar provides information about IRS-registered nonprofit organizations and includes documents like the Form 990, which provides information on giving for the proscribed year (to whom and what amount). In order to view information and documents, users must create a free account. 

CoS Pivot is used for discovering funding opportunities and supporting collaboration in the research development field, including government and contracts. Opportunities from this resource are most often administered through the Office of Contracts and Grants. Faculty and staff may use the “Advanced Search” function in Cos Pivot to find grant opportunities that are most relevant for your specific research, program or project. Opportunity alerts can even be scheduled to be sent periodically. You can specify base amount, deadlines, funding type, sponsor type, and program/project keywords. If you have any questions about how to create an account or use the resource, or if you would like to view a tutorial, please contact Matthew Pierson at or 937-229-4343.


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