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Faculty-Staff FAQ

Faculty/Staff Giving Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is the Campus Campaign?
Campus Campaign is the university’s faculty and staff fundraising program. Donors can choose where their gifts will be used depending on where your passion is. There are so many different funds to choose from, whether there is a particular scholarship that is special to you or if you want to support a certain department, program or favorite team. If you are looking to make the broadest impact, choose the University of Dayton Fund. The UD Fund is an unrestricted fund that supports everything, addressing the most pressing needs and finding the most significant opportunities.

Annual giving by faculty and staff helps to support our students, faculty, staff, and alumni and has the power to make an immediate impact on campus. No matter how large or small your gift – you can be sure it will make a difference.

How long is the campaign?
The "campaign" is in the spring, but gifts and pledges are accepted year-round. For any questions or more information, please feel free to reach out to annual giving at 937-229-1425 or

Fund Options

What can I support with my gift?
You may direct your gift to any area of the University, the only exception being a fund over which you have direct spending authority. So if a particular scholarship fund is special to you, or if you want to support a certain department or a favorite team, you are welcome to direct your giving as such.

If, however, you are looking for the broadest impact, consider the University of Dayton Fund — the unrestricted fund that supports everything from keeping the lights on in Roesch Library late at night to providing study abroad funds for students.


Annual Giving

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