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Ship Dayton to You

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From where you called home in college to where you call home now! Enjoy your Dayton favorites anywhere. Grill Pine Club steaks in your backyard while wearing your new Flyer gear, and share treats from Dorothy Lane Market with your family and friends.

The Pine Club Reunion package includes two strip sirloins, two filet mignons, and a jar each of Pine Club’s house salad dressing and stewed tomatoes. With your steaks, you’ll also receive a UD branded apron and cutting board. You may also add the UD apron and cutting board to a steak box of your choice. For free ground shipping, order by June 13, 2021 and use this code: UD2021. Order by May 28 to get by Reunion Week. The Reunion package will only be available for the first 150 customers.

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The Dorothy Lane Market Reunion package is full of Dayton favorites, including Boston Stoker Highlander Grogg coffee, Mama DiSalvos Italian Sauce, DLM Killer Brownies, Mikesells Potato Chips and more! Use Flyer10 to save 10% on your order. Order by June 1 at noon to get in time for Reunion Week! This Reunion deal is not available after June 13.

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Celebrate your milestone reunion with fresh Flyer gear — and an opportunity to add your class year! Don't forget to grab your Club Roesch T-shirt in celebration of the library's 50th birthday! 

  • Order by May 18 to get by Reunion Week.
  • Shop will be open until Sunday, June 13, 2021.

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Celebrate your milestone with new Flyer attire from the Bookstore! Enjoy 20% off and free shipping on orders over $50. Use the code REUNION21.

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Reunion Weekend

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052