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Recognize a Young Alum

Young alumni learn, lead, serve and inspire!

Help celebrate the accomplishments of young alumni who embody what it means to learn, lead and serve. Share the story of your fellow Flyers to help select young alumni to feature on social media channels.

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Lessons from campus help alumni work to improve the world. Share the successes of your classmates who make a difference in their communities.

Learn more about the recognition criteria and complete the form below to share the story of a fellow alum.

Featured Young Alumni


Beth Ann Saracco ‘09

Meet Beth


Garrett FitzGerald ‘13

Meet Garrett


Ellen Yoder ‘16

Meet Ellen

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominee must have graduated from the University of Dayton in the past 10 years.
  • Nominee's accomplishments must fit under the category of learn, lead or serve. Click below to learn about each category's requirements.

This person reached an outstanding professional or academic achievement through innovative, intensive and thorough research or creative work. The individual honors dedication to a scholarly or creative discipline and intellectual curiosity. This person exemplifies the role of scholar through outstanding research and continued education.

This person is a rising leader among their community. Individuals who qualify for this recognition demonstrate outstanding leadership capabilities and orchestrate meaningful change as leaders in their profession or in their communities (local, state, national or international). The recognition represents the ideal committed, industrious and caring individual. The contributions of this person do not need to be publicly renowned but should represent an important creative effort or accomplishment with societal or educational value.

This person exemplifies the University's philosophy of concern and commitment to society demonstrated through civic engagement and social responsibility. The recipient utilizes their knowledge, skills, resources and time to create a positive impact in their community (local, state, national or international) or for a certain cause.

Recognize a Young Alum

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Hamilton, associate director of alumni engagement, at

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