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Resources for Peer-to-Peer Ambassadors

Ready to make your impact?

If you’re already an ambassador, log in to our messaging platform now. If you’re ready to join us as a peer-to-peer ambassador, sign up now.

UD’s Promise to Peer-to-peer Ambassadors

You will receive personalized support from UD’s Peer-to-peer Ambassador Program team in the Office of Annual Giving. They will provide you with UD insider information about what is happening on campus and tips for how you can make the most of every message that you send over the course of the year.

  • September: The start of the new semester is a great time to share a campus update. Inspire your friends with UD’s national ranking highlights or share a story of a student or faculty member who is making a difference.
  • December: Share the magic of our UD community and encourage your Flyer friends to make a gift before the end of the year. 
  • February: Brag a little bit about our amazing University and share a student story. 
  • March/April: Promote UD’s annual giving day — One Day, One Dayton — and share the impact of annual gifts to our community. Our most popular outreach period! Promote giving and sharing during a day that brings Flyers from around the world together to celebrate UD. 
  • June: Celebrate the recent graduation and help us achieve our fundraising goals for the year. This is the time to remind our friends to renew or establish their Front Porch Society membership by continuing their consecutive years of giving to UD.  
  • August: Join us in our volunteer recruitment initiative by encouraging fellow Flyers to sign up for a UD volunteer opportunity. 
  • Additional share opportunities throughout the year include messaging about Alumni Award nominations, campus news, student stories, the impact of giving and UD bragging points. We will provide this information to you throughout the year.

Watch this two-minute overview showing how easy it is to participate.

Sending messages is super simple. Watch this short video to see how you’ll do it.

Here are a few talking points to help you begin reaching out to your Flyer peers as potential donors:

Share Your Story
Share your personal reason for giving. Your story may inspire other alumni to make a gift. It can be short and sweet, but it will give your peers an understanding of where you’re coming from and why you’re asking for a gift. It also helps to customize your emails and phone calls to include a memory that reconnects you as Flyers.

Support a Passion
Encourage your peers to support something they are passionate about. Ask them what part of the University matters to them and why — they need to know that gifts can be made to any area within the University. It’s also important to remind them that their gifts can help current and future students have the same opportunities they did and more.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference
Let your friends know that all gifts make a difference. It doesn’t matter how much a person gives — because small gifts collectively make a huge difference.

Choose the UD Fund
If your friends do not know where they want to give, suggest the University of Dayton Fund. The UD Fund can help make the broadest impact because it supports the areas of greatest need at the University — from operations to keep the Flyer experience alive to direct assistance for current and future students.

A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way
If you’re speaking to a previous donor, thank them for their gift and recognize the important role they have played in building UD’s future. If you’re speaking to someone who chooses to make a gift, show excitement and gratitude for their decision.

When you talk to potential contributors about the future of UD, it’s important to note that there are lots of ways to give beyond a typical donation.

Contributors can create a recurring gift by setting up a credit card for monthly, quarterly or annual gifts. Gifts are made over time to fit each individual budget.

Many companies encourage employees, their families and retirees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Contributors can contact their human resources office or visit to find out if their employer has a matching gift program.

Making a three- to five-year pledge offers the opportunity to multiply the impact of gifts and help UD better forecast its budget.

A direct gift of stocks or securities can be an effective way to support UD and realize tax benefits. Contributors can also include UD in their will or through other planned gifts. Learn more at



By Phone:

By check or credit card via mail to:
300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-7056

Thank-you message.


April/May — One Day, One Dayton message.


June — Flyer Promise message.



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Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052