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New Student Welcome Guide

New Student Welcome Guide

New Student Welcome events provide a welcoming face-to-face experience for new students and their families that solidifies their connection with the University of Dayton and the alumni community they call home. Communities or individuals interested in hosting a New Student Welcome event should plan the event for June or July.

Organizer tips

Role of the host and/or alumni community leadership team

  • Select a point person to coordinate the event. The point person will work directly with Alumni Relations staff to solidify event details and coordinate day-of logistics.
  • Identify and arrange a location for the event.
    • The venue location should be a convenient location to new students and provide a welcoming environment to all.
    • Venue should be free with available parking. For venues with a rental fee, the fee will be at the expense of the host or come from the alumni community’s fund if the community leader chooses.
    • An ideal venue will allow for easy mingling among attendees and offer the options of refreshments, for example, the home of an alumnus.
  • Fill out the New Student Welcome Request Form six week in advance of the event.
  • The point person should work with the community leader or communication chair to promote the event through the community email, UDAA social pages and the VMS.
  • Appoint an individual to take pictures and post to social media throughout the event or following the event.

Role of Alumni Relations

  • Alumni Relations will use the information provided on the New Student Welcome Request Form to setup a registration page.
  • Alumni Relations will promote the New Student Welcome through the community’s monthly email or through a targeted email to selected alumni.
    • A separate email invite will be sent to new students and their families from the alumni community.
    • The number of current students in the community will determined if they are invited to the event.
  • A list of registered attendees will be shared with the point person and/ or community leader a few days before the event.
  • Alumni Relations will provide suggested talking points for a short program.

Day-of logistics

  • Well-documented attendance is an important tool for building successful events. It is easy to lose track of this as there are many moving parts to the event - be prepared in advance. When possible, have a volunteer welcome and check-in attendees.
    • Have a registration list on hand with names of those who registered in advance and check them off as they arrive.
    • Use walk-up sign-in sheets for those who did not pre-register.
  • Following the event, send the attendance list to Alumni Relations.
  • Name tags are an effective tool to help attendees mingle and network.
    • Name tags can be done in advance (highly encouraged) or at the door with check-in.
    • Name tags should include:
      • First and last name
      • Class year for alumni
      • Major or job title (optional)
  • Following the event, send a thank you email to alumni who attended the New Student Welcome and thank you notes to the new students. Alumni Relations will provide the note cards for the students.


New Student Welcomes should be informal and provide a friendly setting that makes everyone feel like a part of the Flyer community.

  • Alumni Relations will work with the point person to determine best options for programming for your event.
  • Programming is meant to highlight and welcome the students and to help facilitate meaningful conversations.

Alumni Relations

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052