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Student Alumni Association

Student Alumni Association

2018 Senior Picnic SAA

SAA is dedicated to enhancing the connection between past, present and future students. We work to create a sense of community and instill a lifelong commitment to the University of Dayton. SAA helps create a culture of philanthropy on campus by encouraging students to participate in programs that inspire a positive volunteering and giving culture.

SAA members work on a variety of projects:

  • Collaborate with local alumni communities to develop partnership opportunities for students and alumni.
  • Plan and implement activities on campus to inspire philanthropy and gratitude to the University of Dayton.
  • Work as networking hosts for the Alumni Leadership Conference.
  • Plan graduating senior sendoff events including Senior’s Last Supper, Senior Link Bike Tour and more.
  • Coordinate the Dinners for 5 Flyers program to bring together students and alumni.
  • Manage the Final Exam Pizza Program.
  • Lead student engagement efforts for the I Love UD campaign.
Interested in joining SAA?

Contact us today at

Twitter: @udaytonsaa

Facebook: UDaytonSAA

Check out the information on roles and responsibilities.

For Alumni

Looking for an easy way to support current students? Remember those long hungry study nights in the library before finals? Support the SAA Final Exam Pizza Program! The Sunday before finals, SAA distributes free pizza to students studying in the library. Just $15 will buy a pizza for students get through a long night of studying.

Host a Dinner with 5 Flyers! Collaborate with SAA to provide an evening of fun and fellowship by gathering 5 alumni and 5 students together for dinner. This can be hosted at an alumni house, a restaurant, or on campus. Contact us for more information!

Greet incoming student during Move-In Day. Flyers gather each year on campus to greet incoming first-year students and their families.

SAA Leadership and Structure

President: Hailee Rennels, Class of 2018
Vice President: Lauren Durnwald, Class of 2018
Marketing and Social Media Chair: Allison Sarcina, Class of 2019
Recruitment and Retention Chair: Sarah Baxter, Class of 2019
Dayton Area Liaison: Mallory Vild, Class of 2018
Philanthropy Chair: Carrie Melson, Class of 2018
Student Appreciation Chair: Victoria Young, Class of 2018
Alumni Engagement Chair: Kristin Schnelker, Class of 2018
General Members:
Stephanie Townsend
Megan Namecek
Olivia Thomakos
Simon Shea
Ian Gouverneur

Position Descriptions and Structure.


Alumni Relations

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052