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Student Alumni Association Structure and Positions

SAA Structure and Positions

Organizational Overview

Mission Statement

Through developing positive connections with alumni and each other, the Student Alumni Association strives to inspire a lifetime of loyalty to the University of Dayton for every student.


SAA is dedicated to enhancing the connection between students past, present and future. They work to create a university that fosters a sense of community and instills in its students a lifelong commitment to their alma mater. SAA helps create a culture of philanthropy on campus by encouraging students to participate in programs that inspire a positive volunteering and giving culture.

SAA Structure

SAA Structure

Position Responsibilities


Preside over all SAA board meetings including providing complete agenda and minutes to board. President will keep record of attendance at events and ensure organizational roster is up to date. Oversee the creation of the annual event calendar and supervise all engagement opportunities available to members. Advocate for SAA engagement within UDAA events and programming. Partner with Vice President to ensure special events chairs or committees are functioning appropriately.

Vice President

Serve as SAA representative for day10 Executive Committee. Oversee the Special Events Chairs and Committees. Assume the role of President if President is indisposed.

Marketing and Social Media Chair

Work to increase student and alumni awareness of SAA, foster engagement on social media, create a marketing strategy for SAA, and promote events and programs sponsored by SAA and the UD Alumni Association. Expected to have an active presence on social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Recruitment and Retention Chair

Coordinate Up the Orgs planning and implementation, foster engagement of new members and work to retain current members. Responsible for all recruitment and retention efforts including coordinating annual election process. Coordinate a committee as needed to implement activities.

Dayton Alumni Community Liaison

Act as student voice for the Dayton Alumni Community. Collaborate with local community leadership team to develop partnership opportunities for SAA and the local alumni population. Expected to attend Dayton Community leadership team meetings quarterly.

Philanthropy Chair

Through a minimum of two events per year for students, plan and implement philanthropically inspired programming that encourages a volunteering and giving culture. Coordinate a committee as needed to implement events. Events may include: I love UD month activities, COC partnerships, service event, etc.

Student Appreciation Chair

Plan and implement at least 2 events per year that provide awareness to students of what SAA and the UD Alumni Association are and how they can benefit from continued involvement with the University after graduation. Coordinate a committee as needed to implement events. Events may include: Freebie Fridays (SWAG from a golf cart), Senior Picnic, city tours provided by alum, etc.

Alumni Engagement Chair

Through partnership with Alumni Relations Staff and/or advisor, work to foster alumni engagement with students. This may include any opportunity where alumni can participate in programming on or off campus or with campus partners. Coordinate a committee as needed to implement events. Events may include: Dinner with Five Flyers, coordinating alumni partnerships on campus, networking sessions, Pizza Program, etc.

General Members

All general members are required to participate in the planning and implementation of events.


Alumni Relations

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052