2017 Senior Picnic

day10: The Young Alumni Group

What is day10? Simple- It's the official young alumni group at UD. By graduating within the last 10 years, you are automatically a member. Congrats!

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day10 Executive Committee

Our executive committee provides services and events that help young alums navigate life after graduation and stay in touch with the University and classmates who shaped their life. If you would like to get more information on this group or have ideas for young alumni activities, click here to contact day10. We're always looking for new ideas and new ways to help recent grads.day10-executive-committee-20170909_545x445.jpg

Chair: Josh Beitel '10
2017: Devin Mallett
2016: Khristian Santiago
2015: Vacant, accepting nominations
2014: Jacob Rettig
2013: Sarah Hemler
2012: Jennifer Granite
2011: Vacant, accepting nominations
2010: Nick Lannan
2009: Nina Jolani
2008: Michela Buccini

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Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton

Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

300 College Park  
Dayton, Ohio 45469-7052