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Raleigh/Durham Alumni Community

Raleigh/Durham Alumni Community

Raleigh/Durham has more than 730 University of Dayton alumni in the area. Be sure to update your contact information to receive news and event invitations.

Learn about opportunities to connect with fellow Flyers by checking out our:

Meet your Raleigh/Durham leadership team who help plan alumni community events.

  • Community Leader: Anna Loscko ‘15
  • Career Development Chair: open
  • Communication Chair: open
  • Service Chair: open
  • Social Chair: Danielle Glaser ‘12

To get more involved with the Raleigh/Durham Alumni Community or to inquire about an open chair position, please fill out the volunteer form or send an email to our community leader.

Raleigh/Durham Alumni Community
Raleigh/Durham Alumni Community
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Alumni Relations

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052

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