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Board of Directors

Alumni Board of Directors

UD Campus


Jennifer Weed '95


Sharon Howard '78


Kevin Tarrant '79 Chair, Finance Committee

Board Members

Jason Capone '07
Chair, Community Council

John Cooper '88

Phil Doepker `67
Chair, Golden Flyers

Leanne Downey '02
At-Large Rep, Community Council

Sarah Hemler '13
Chair, day10 Executive Committee

Destry Fallen '86

Tarek Kamil '90

Kevin Miskewicz ‘09
Vice-Chair, Community Council

Veronica Morris '92

Dan Prindle '11

Erin Reilly '97
At-Large Rep, Community Council
Dallas/Fort Worth Community Leader

Nancy Riedl '91

Megan (Pease) Winner '03, '04

Brendan Ochs '22
President, Students for University Advancement

Anita Brothers
Executive Director, Alumni Relations & Engagement


Alumni Relations

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052