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Advancement Marketing Cloud

Tracking email performance

Email performance stats are available in Marketing Cloud under Tracking.

Marketing Cloud tracking navigation


Emails will be at the top level under My Tracking for a week or so. Then emails need to be moved into the appropriate folder so everyone using the system can find email results more easily.

Reading the results

Locate an email and click on its name to view the results.

The Overview tab provides most of the information that will be needed. The open rate is on the bottom left, as well as in the Inbox Activity block in the top right. Click rate information is also in the Inbox Activity block.

Marketing Cloud tracking overview

The Click Activity tab provides more detailed Information on clicks. It will display a copy of the email with a percentage by each link. Click in the space around the percentage to see the click through rate, percentage of total clicks, percentage of unique clicks and the actual unique clicks.

Marketing Cloud Click Activity

The Job Links tab is where links can be adjusted after the email sends. Click on the URL ID to edit it, replacing it with the new link.

BE CAREFUL. This could mess up tracking if you do not keep the automated tracking portion of the query string on the URL.

Marketing Cloud Job Links

UTM-coded Links

Stats for UTM-coded links can be found in the Advancement dashboard. For access, please contact Advancement IT.


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