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Advancement Marketing Cloud

Sending an email

After a draft email has been reviewed and approved, it can be sent.

Please contact Advancement IT at if you have questions at any point during the send process.

To send an email, find and select the email in the Email Studio > Content section. Click Send in the upper right corner.

Marketing Cloud Send email

Email properties

Select the appropriate classification type. Commercial should be used except in very limited circumstances in order to be compliant with anti-spam laws like the CAN-SPAM Act. Click on the types below to learn more.

Commercial is the classification that should be used on almost all emails sent by Advancement in Marketing Cloud.

This type is for emails that are not related to a transaction (gift receipt or event registration confirmation - not to be confused with a reminder). Any email with an event invitation, solicitation, marketing or engagement message must use the commercial classification.

The commercial classification also requires the email preferences link that will allow users to unsubscribe.

Transactional emails are just that - related to a transaction. This would be a gift receipt or an email registration confirmation (not an event reminder). Any emails sent with the transactional classification must not have any message, like marketing or invitation, other than the specific transaction-related information.

This classification does not require the email preferences link and bypasses any unsubscribes. These factors make compliance extremely important so we do not violate any anti-spam laws.

Select the appropriate Sender Profile and “Blank Header Footer” for Delivery Profile.

Marketing Cloud email properties

Select audience

Drag over the data extensions for sending and suppressing.

Drag the appropriate data extension(s) over to the send area. On the first data extension dragged over, you will receive the pop-up below. Leave the defaults and click “Select”.

Note: Include Staff > _Campus Comm Team on every email sent by Advancement. At times this might require a DE with additional data to accommodate customized emails.

Each email should have a suppression list to remove people who have opted out. Usually the General list will suffice, but check the suppression list guidelines for the appropriate list.

Marketing Cloud select data extensions

Make sure “De-duplicate subscribers” is checked in the bottom right corner. Click next.

Configure delivery

Either set the email to “Send immediately” or Schedule. Select the date and time for scheduling. Leave the defaults under Tracking and click Next.

Marketing Cloud schedule email

Review and send

Check to make sure everything looks correct. If it does, then check the box for “This information is correct and this email is ready to send.” This will enable the “Schedule” button on the top right. Click the “Schedule” button to set the email to send.

To double check that the email is set, go to Tracking and look for your email in the list. It should show as “Scheduled”.

Marketing Cloud send

Canceling emails and updating links

If there is a problem and you need to stop the email from sending, you can select the email and click “Cancel Send” as long as it is before the scheduled time to send.

Marketing Cloud cancel send

If a link has to be updated after the send, select the email under Tracking and click on the Job Links tab. Click on the URL ID to edit it, replacing it with the new link.

BE CAREFUL. This could mess up tracking if you do not keep the automated tracking portion of the query string on the URL.


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