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Advancement Marketing Cloud

Navigating Marketing Cloud

Accessing Marketing Cloud

Log in to Marketing Cloud using the username and password provided to you. If you do not have a username or forgot your password, please email Advancement IT at for assistance.

Marketing Cloud Login

Main navigation

To send emails from Advancement, make sure you are in the Advancement business unit. This is in the top right hand corner of the page.

Emails are created and sent from Email Studio, which is located on the left side of the top navigation.

Marketing Cloud Main Navigation

Email Studio

The main areas of Email Studio needed for sending and tracking emails are Content, Subscribers (Data Extensions), and Tracking.

Email Studio Navigation

Email Studio Sections

Content is where emails are created. It also houses templates, template blocks, and images used in the emails.

To access this area, click Content on the top navigation of Email Studio then use the folders on the left to navigate to the content to access or create.

Marketing Cloud Content

Learn how to create emails

Data extensions are the lists used for sending emails and are located under Subscribers in Email Studio.

To access this area, click Subscribers in the top navigation of Email Studio and use the left side navigation under "Data Extensions" to access or create an extension.

Marketing Cloud Subscribers

Learn more about data extensions

Tracking is where email performance, such as open and click rates, can be found.

To access this area, click on Tracking in the top navigation of Email Studio.

Marketing Cloud Tracking

Learn more about email tracking

Need help finding something in Marketing Cloud?

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