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University Advancement

April 19 is UD’s fifth annual One Day, One Dayton

It’s going to be ONE day like no other!

From Wall Street to Brown Street

Campus wide access to one of the world’s leading financial newspapers is just one way last year’s One Day, One Dayton donors made an immediate impact for students.

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Camp Blue

Thanks to One Day, One Dayton donors, more students participated in Camp Blue. Read what it is and how it better prepares them for success.

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Your support helps make the full University of Dayton experience possible for students. Giving is quick and easy.


Find a community near you to connect with fellow Flyers and participate in local alumni events.


Service is a way of life for Flyers. Find out how you can give back to the University of Dayton.


Donors and volunteers make a difference in the lives of current and future Flyers.

Join the Front Porch Society

Make a gift of any size, for three consecutive years, to become a member of the Front Porch Society. Every gift is a vote of confidence in the University of Dayton and supports students, faculty and programs.

Fast Facts


The year over year increase in student financial aid requests.


The amount of student financial aid met by donor-funded scholarships.

Campus and Community March 31, 2023
M. Colleen McDaniel ’17

Colleen McDaniel ’17 found her calling when still at UD. While a student, she was a member of Peers Advocating for Violence Education and became a Green Dot trainer to reduce sexual assault. She now works to learn, lead and serve through initiatives that support populations disproportionately affected by sexual violence.

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Campus and Community March 06, 2023
Realizing Our Best

Conducting research in microbiology has been an academic highlight for Hannah DeRespiris, a senior pre-med major at UD. This hands-on experience tops her personal list of academic achievements, and it might not have been available without the support of UD donors during One Day, One Dayton.

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Giving March 06, 2023
World Cup and Well-Being
Is the World Cup connected to well-being? In the updated space for the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center, the answer is: yes.
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UD Magazine

The Flyer Connection

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Opening the Door

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