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Financial Benefits & Scholarships

Financial Benefits, the UD-Sinclair Way!

Among the many reasons why other students selected UD Sinclair Academy, the most common reason is the financial savings.  Earning your associate's degree from Sinclair opens one door.  Along the way, you also open another door to a UD education! 

Sinclair's tuition is one of the lowest in the state.  You get to experience a great education with small class sizes and caring faculty and academic advisors.  Sinclair's education also prepares you to soar at UD. 

On top of the financial benefits from Sinclair, here are additional savings UD offers for the UD Sinclair Academy students:

  • Fixed net tuition (based on UD's tuition the first year you begin at Sinclair as an Academy student). 
  • Automatic eligibility for UD merit scholarship, worth up to $25,000 each year.
  • Eligibility for grants, loans, and work study designed for Academy students.
  • Eligibility for a textbook scholarship worth up to $500 each semester.
  • No tuition increases, no fees, no hidden costs, or no additional expenses once at UD.
  • Half discount applicable for majors in the School of Education and Health Sciences.*

*Ask our Academy Team for more information.


UD was my first choice. I didn't think that UD would be an option for me due to costs, but the UD Sinclair Academy has made that dream a reality . . .

UD Sinclair Academy Participant