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Academy Student Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities as an Academy Student

Congratulations on your admission to the UD Sinclair Academy! The following list includes responsibilities you should expect to complete as part of the Academy program.

  • Apply to Sinclair College if you have not done so (If you are a current Sinclair student, you do not need to reapply.  Sinclair College Credit Plus student will not need to reapply to Sinclair).
  • Attend UD Sinclair Academy orientation program offered through UD.
  • Contact and meet with your academic advisor from both Sinclair and UD to register for courses every semester.  Missing an appointment can lead to a withdrawal from the UD Sinclair Academy program.
  • Bring your MAP (my academic plan) from Sinclair to your academic advising appointment at UD.
  • Print/Save your pathway major document before you make your first advising appointment with UD and Sinclair advisors.
  • Stay focused on the courses prescribed in the pathway major documents.  If you are taking courses outside the pathway document, please consult with your UD academic advisor right away.
  • Remember that you will need a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of transition from Sinclair to UD.  
  • Become involved in student organizations like U(D) Belong and attend events and volunteer activities that UD offers (while you are still at Sinclair).
  • Connect with other UD Sinclair Academy students who are attending Sinclair.  
  • Take care of any existing holds from UD before you begin in the UD Sinclair Academy.  The most common hold includes a health center hold.  If you are planning to use the RecPlex at UD, you will need to take care of this hold.
  • Once you transition to UD, your courseload each semester will be at a full-time load.  If you need to work, share your plan with your employer and academic advisors earlier so you can plan ahead.