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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

At the University of Dayton, we have an incredible story to tell. And it's important that when we speak about ourselves, we speak with one voice. We need to speak in a way that makes others understand just what makes UD so special and compelling to us. With that, we can continue to create momentum for the University and give expression to our collective aspirations as a community.

The marketing and communications office exists to promote, enhance and protect the reputation of the University. Through marketing, communications, media relations and media production, we share the University's story with audiences around the globe.

Stand up and get everyone to notice you.

As part of the ongoing effort to ensure the University has a consistent voice, University marketing provides oversight of the University's brand, ensuring we're all on the same page — literally and figuratively.

Our team is responsible for creating compelling and innovative marketing materials that effectively impact target audiences. In addition to working on institutional projects, we develop strategic marketing materials for University offices. We are also available for consultation, assisting you in determining your marketing strategy and approach for your projects.

All marketing materials  print, digital or social media should go through University marketing. To begin a new project, simply submit a project request form. Your request will be reviewed by your account manager, who will contact you to discuss your needs and help identify the most effective ways to achieve your goals. Our creative team will then provide you with solutions for your writing, design, digital and/or photography needs.

Have questions before you get started? Please feel free to contact your account manager.

Telling stories, sharing information

The communications team engages, educates and entertains internal and external audiences through mission-based storytelling.

Porches and Campus Report help keep faculty and staff up-to-date on campus happenings. The University of Dayton Magazine covers everything that touches the lives and interests of alumni and others throughout the University. And UDQuickly is a rapid-fire, on-the-scene source for daily news and views.

Telling the UD story.

Whether you need a quote for a breaking story or a soundbite for the evening news, the University of Dayton has many experts on a variety of topics.

We work with TV and radio networks, and major online and print outlets around the globe. We understand time is of the essence, so we will work quickly to connect you to the sources you need.

In addition to connecting our experts with the media, we also write stories about the great things happening at the University for our website.

For information on the latest happenings at the University of Dayton or to find an expert, you're welcome to contact us directly or visit our news and experts websites.

Lights, Camera, Action

For more than 25 years, the Media Production Group has produced creative and engaging digital content. Our team combines your goals and communication objective with our technical expertise to develop effective videos.

The Media Production Group specializes in high-end video production for marketing, special events and other high-level communications and offers complete production services, including scriptwriting, studio and location production, graphics, animation and editing.

You need resources.
We have them.

Trust us: we know there's a lot involved in the successful creation and distribution of a marketing or communications piece, and we want to provide you with the right resources to make the process painless.

Whether you are wondering if you should use "the Blend" or "The Blend" in your copy, want to download logos, need to purchase fonts, or have general questions about implementing the brand, you can find answers here.

Here, we're all about communication.

University Marketing & Communications
University of Dayton
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If you have a specific question, would like to request a consultation or are ready to begin a project, please contact the account manager for your area or complete the project request form