Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Guiding Theory

We are called to lead as part of our core mission and identity, strengthened by foundational documents that highlight the University's Catholic and Marianist values, as well as transformational leadership development theory facilitating positive social change.  The Philosophy of Leadership at the University of Dayton guides us to create conditions where everyone may develop as a whole person, utilizing the diverse gifts and talents of our community members.  All valued citizens in our community -- students, faculty, and staff -- should aspire to grow along dimensions of personal character, interpersonal relationships, and strategic results, as outlined in Critical Leadership Competencies Characteristic of a Catholic and Marianist University.  In striving for the strongest outcomes for the common good, we empower a core of service to others as a vehicle for social change.  Using this inclusive lens of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, we believe that collaboration and concern for others will demonstrate that leadership is a process and not a position, with growth for the individual, group, and community in the promotion of equity, social justice, and citizenship.