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Get college credit for what you know! Anyone can take CLEP exams at UD and transfer the score to their own college or university. Choose from 33 computerized exams, most timed for 90 minutes, including some with optional essays that require an additional 90 minute session (some cost an additional $10). Not all colleges give credit for CLEP, but those that do might have their own policy regarding how much and for what courses credit will be granted based on the ACE recommended standard. Contact your college for this information before scheduling at UD.

CLEP is offered by appointment on weekdays.   Examinees must purchase an exam by creating an account at the My Account registration portal on the CLEP website.  The address is:  (, and the cost is $80. The registration ticket should be printed and brought to the testing appointment.  A separate UD fee of $20 is payable by cash, money order, or personal check (made payable to UD) and is due at the exam appointment.  Also, be sure to obtain a free parking pass (get directions when you call to schedule).

Additionally, a government issued photo ID must be presented on the day of the exam, along with a second ID such as a passport or school ID.  The second ID must have either a photo or signature.  Two IDs must be presented or testing will not occur.  A student ID form is a valid form of second ID and can be obtained from the CLEP website: (  Please note that credit cards, work IDs, or social security cards are not acceptable forms of identification. 

Study material can be found at libraries, purchased on the CLEP website, or at bookstores. The CLEP Official Study Guide is available on their website as a study tool, but a current college textbook (freshman and sophomore level) in the exam subject is also recommended.