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Want to be an Ally?

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Ally is a workshop that trains individuals who are interested in joining a campus network of allies to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Queer community.  Ally training includes experiential activities and guided discussions designed to provide knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help you be an effective LGBT*Q ally. It is free and open to all University of Dayton students, faculty, and staff.  UD's Ally program is led by Drs. Jennica Karpinski and Shamell Brandon (psychologists at the UD Counseling Center), along with volunteers from the UD campus community. A light dinner will be provided, as well as a sticker that can be displayed in your room or office to demonstrate that you have been trained to be an ally.

Allies at UD

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A description of "what an ally looks like" completed by student allies in 2012.

These individuals have completed an Ally training and wish to be listed as a resource to those who identify as LGBT*Q at the University of Dayton.
Student Allies
Steph Arambula
Arianna Arnett
Emily Back
Rachel Bernardo
Darlin Blanco
Victoria Bordfeld
Allison Cleaver
Meaghan Crowley
Kate Deitsch
Matthew DeVilbiss
Greg Eisenhauser
Morgan  Evans
Kaitlin Fochesato
Tim Frey
Kaitlin Gallup
Katrina Hamilton
Sara Hamilton
Libby Harbaugh
Emily Hascher
Zach Hooten
Melissa Hughes
Maureen Kelly
Kathryn Kinsel
Jann Knappage
Jared Knueven
Alyse Krevh
Conor Kutner
Josie Little 
Nina Lokar
Stephen Mackell
Thaddeus Masthay
Lucas McCanna
Colin McGrath
Sarah McMillen
Connor  McNamee
Emily Mobley
Peter Oduwole
Robert O'Hara
Michelle Rabara
Trevor Rindler
Corey Rodriguez
Trevor Rosenbaum
Colleen  Ryan
Kayla Scoumis
Jacqueline Severt
Kevin Shaw
Imani Sherman
Alec  Smidt
Philip Titlebaum
Amanda Torrez
Alejandro Trujillo
Zack Valigosky
Emily Welch
Cynthia Wood 
Faculty & Staff Department
Patty Alvarez Office of Multicultural Affairs
Mike Bennett Campus Ministry
Mary Boston Law School
Chris Burnside English
Kevin Cane Greek Life
Gerald Chinchar Campus Ministry
Linda Dunlevy Comm (Theater)
Tom Farnsworth Psychology
Melissa Flanagan New Student Programs
Maggie Gillespie Housing and Residence Life
April Graham New Student Programs
Elizabeth Harrison Office of Learning Resources
Kathleen Henderson Office of Student Success & Parent Engagement
Kurt Hoffman Facilities Management
Nan Holler-Potter Law School
Sr Linda Lee  Jackson Campus Ministry
Chris Johnson Center for Student Involvement
Michael Krieger Roesch Library
Amy  Lee Center for Student Involvement
Allison Leigh Campus Ministry
Amy  Lopez-Matthews Center for Student Involvement
Caryle  Mattie Counseling Center
Allison Moon Center for Student Involvement
Maria Newland Enrollment Services
Mary Niebler Center for Social Concern/Campus Ministry
Maureen O'Rourke Office for Mission & Rector
Jim Pera Campus Ministry
Nate Perry Admissions and Financial Aid
Margie Pinnell Mechanical/Aero Engineering
Trent Pinto Housing & Residence Life
Ieesha Ramsey Office of Multicultural Affairs/School of Business
Jennifer Rentz Housing & Residence Life
Lisa  Rismiller Women's Center
Heather Schieman Center for International Programs
Leah Shamblin Greek Life
Julie Simon PreMed/Mathematics
Zelda Smith Office of Learning Resources
Christina Smith Housing & Residence Life
Bobbi Sue Sutherland History
Danielle  Szlag Housing & Residence Life
Teri Thompson Communication
Renato Ventura Languages
Donald Vince, Jr Admissions and Financial Aid
Cari Wallace Student Development
Jennifer Williamson Campus Ministry
Lynne Yengulalp Mathematics

Sign Up for an Ally Training

The Fall, 2014 Ally training will be held on Monday, September 15. Register now: Ally Registration Form.

Resident Assistants will have the option to attend a HRL-sponsored Ally training during orientation.

You may also complete the registration form if you'd like to be added to a list about dates of future trainings.

What to Do if You Experience Bias

To learn more about what UD is doing to address bias, visit the Office of the Provost's Diversity and Inclusion page.

To learn how to report a bias-related incident, learn more about the Bias-Related Incident Process.