Statute of Mary on the University of Dayton campus seen in a moon-lit sky.

We offer $4,000 scholarships to students
who put their faith in action.

The United States Province of the Society of Mary offers to all graduates of the Marianist Education Consortium Schools some financial aid to the University of Dayton.

LIFE program participants from other high schools also are invited to apply.

For those graduates who have demonstrated both an understanding and a practice of the Marianist traditions, a renewable scholarship of $4,000 a year is available.

The Marianist Leadership Scholars Program nourishes students who choose to continue their education in the Marianist tradition. Students are challenged and supported to connect academics with service and leadership in the greater community. Through relationships with other scholars, and the Marianist family at the University of Dayton, these individuals have the opportunity to strengthen their faith and put it into action.

Program Highlights

  • Respect for and inclusion of faith in the learning process,
  • Excellence in all academic endeavors,
  • Behaviors that reveal a sense of the global community,
  • A habit of service that speaks of sharing God-given talents for justice and peace; and,
  • The courage and commitment to support and challenge society's values.

To apply for the program, fill out the online application.

We Invite Students
To Embark on a Journey of Faith.

The Marianist student formation is an invitation to explore an individual's role as a member of the Marianist Family. It is designed to assist individuals in discerning a commitment as a lay Marianist. This program takes place during one semester of the academic year with a combination of conversations, personal reflection and prayer, weekly meetings, readings, interviews and retreats.

What Will We Do?

  • Participate in the Marianist mission through Marianist education opportunities
  • Engage in conversations with other Marianists
  • Commit to weekly meetings and participate in the formation retreat
  • Form and participate in Marianist communities
  • Continue to engage in the Marianist Family through community life
  • Understand that the program is one part of a lifelong formation process

Our Goal

As lay Marianists, we are committed to bring Christ into the world as Mary did, employing faith of the heart and assent of the mind. We strive to be agents of change by giving witness to Christ's message through building community in the Catholic church and society. As members of one Marianist Family, together with the members of the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, we seek to be open to the spirit, to stand against injustice, and to proclaim a message of liberation and hope.

Is Public Commitment for You?

At the conclusion of the formation program, students will have the opportunity to make a public commitment to live as Lay Marianists for a period of one year. At which time they will continue their formation as a member of the Marianist Family and be invited to participate fully in Marianist events.

Upcoming Dates

Important Dates for the Fall Cohort

  • August  - First Retreat Experience
  • November - Second Retreat Experience
  • December - Commitment Liturgy

Important Dates for the Spring Cohort

  • January - First Retreat Experience
  • March - Second Retreat Experience
  • April - Commitment Liturgy (Immaculate Conception Chapel 4:30 p.m.)

These Student Houses Stand Out
For More Than Their Overly Big Dinner Tables.

The Office for Mission and Rector, with cooperation from Campus Ministry, can provide housing for students interested in exploring the Marianist tradition, and who are committed to building and living in community in the student neighborhood.

These communities use Mary as their model to form homes of Marianist hospitality.

Community members commit to:

  • Respecting one another
  • Being a praying community, coming together two or three times a week for prayer
  • Having at least three meals together each week
  • Being a house of hospitality for other students to come weekly to pray and share meals
  • Being involved in Campus Ministry or Office for Mission and Rector programs or activities
  • Gathering regularly with Marianist mentors

Marianist Student Communities

  • 1515 Frerricks Way
  • 305 Kiefaber St.
  • 418 Kiefaber St.
  • 340 Stonemill Rd.
  • 57 Woodland Ave.