Mission Based Staff Retreat

The mission-focused staff retreat seeks to help University administrators and staff members deepen their understanding of and commitment to the Catholic and Marianist mission of the University of Dayton.

The retreat will provides opportunities to support, strengthen and exemplify our Catholic and Marianist identity (Strategic Plan 2006 3:1). It serves as a means to continue the orientation to the University for relatively new staff persons and provides an opportunity to reinforce and deepen the understanding and articulation of the mission for more veteran staff members.  

The planning team will invite the participation of several areas of the University and recommends four staff members from the targeted departments attend the retreat.  This cohort will share information, build or strengthen intra-departmental relationships and understanding, and have an impact on how the University’s Catholic and Marianist mission and identity is realized in their area.  

The mission-focused staff retreat is an overnight experience held at Bergamo Center on June 20th and 21st, 2013.  The retreat is offered annually.  

Reading materials, discussion leaders, presentations, meals, and inclusive prayer is incorporated.  Departments will be asked to supplement retreat costs with a nominal financial contribution.  

Questions? Contact Joan McGuinness Wagner, director of Marianist strategies.

Mission Based Staff Retreat Timeline


Vice-president for mission invites the members of the President’s Council to nominate participants by February 1st.

Vice-presidents and Deans discern attendees from their units and contact the individuals.


A letter of invitation is sent from the Office for Mission and Rector to each participant.


An information session is scheduled for all participants.


Participants attend an opening luncheon.


Participants work on their projects identifying aspects of the Marianist charism evident on campus.


Retreat is held at Bergamo.


Reunion luncheon.

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