Safety First. And Second.
And Third. And...

We pride ourselves on the fact that our campus is an extremely safe, welcoming environment. Which is exactly why we take campus safety so seriously.

Here, you'll find 26 full-time and six part-time sworn officers who secure our campus 24 hours a day, everyday — and who can respond to your student's needs within minutes. Our officers are certified emergency medical technicians who have completed National Incident Management System training to effectively manage and respond to crisis incidents. We also have campus escorts available to accompany students during the evening and early morning hours.

We think about the safety of our students all the time, so they don't have to.

Always prepared.

And with such a large percentage of our students living on campus, we're committed to keeping our campus not only beautiful but also safe with a 24/7 professional public safety staff.

Should an incident occur, the University of Dayton's philosophy is to respond quickly, accurately and proactively. Our campus emergency notification system allows us to rapidly notify the campus community via email, cell phone and text messaging in the event of an emergency. Students can also provide the emergency notification system with parent contact information, ensuring you are informed of any emergencies.